About Us

CATA exists to support the advancement of the arts and sciences of telecommunications and information technology fields; promote the professional improvement of its members; and disseminate knowledge of these fields to vendors, users, educators and the general public.

vendorsCATA is the premiere information technology association in eastern New York and western New England. Our purpose is to share information on the IT and telecom industries. We offer members the opportunity to network with peers and to further their understanding of products and services. We have grown to include over 150 user, vendor, consultant and student members since our founding in 1988 by a small group of IT professionals. CATA currently counts some of the premiere technology companies as members, as well as an assortment of leading corporations, state agencies and universities in the Capital Region.

Randy Rose, OSC, speaking about the Zen of Security

Randy Rose, OSC, answering questions after his talk on the Zen of Security

Our monthly meetings are held from September through June. They offer members the opportunity to meet and interact with industry colleagues. During these meetings we learn about technology, exchange ideas, meet prospective vendors or customers, and build new business relationships.

Networking and socializing are important aspects of our industry. Our meetings are held in a variety of formats to offer different opportunities for networking with your peers. Some meetings are during the day, while some are after hours in a “mixer” format. Our December meeting is set aside for a holiday dinner party, and June is reserved for the annual golf tournament.

IpV6 Panel Discussion

IpV6 Panel Discussion

“CATA provides a robust atmosphere for networking with your local peers and vendors. Besides enjoying a wonderful lunch, the information presented has significant value and helps keep us informed and up to date on topics relevant to our various specialties.” –  Karl K., Cool Insuring Agency, Inc.